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Smexy Moon
Hey you guys so I thought of making more Moon Universe pictures because i can and also Moon is my favorite oc I have ever made ever he is just so KAWII! :3 :3 Also she was adorable and she reminds me of Levy from the Anime Fairy Tail lol! Hope you all enjoy this adorable picture of moon!


The show My Little Pony {Friendship is Magic} belongs to Hasbro Entertainment
Youtube Speedpaint
I made a YouTube speed-paint and i hope you enjoy this little picture

The Drunken Reunion
Cuphead and Moon where sitting in the bar hanging out with some of Cuphead's old friends from high school. As Cuphead was talking with his old friend Shadow he felt a tapping on the back of his shoulder as he turned his head a bit to see Moon hugging him from behind "Hey Moon could you get us some more drinks?" Cuphead asked politely as he held his wife's hand, Moon nodded as she went to get the boys more drinks "So you gonna tell us when you two are gonna settle down and start a family?" Shadow asked curious of what Cuphead and Moon where gonna do after they stopped going on adventures. Cuphead blushed "W-we really ha-haven't thought about th-that quite yet" he sputtered out, Moon had just waked up and set the drinks down as she then kissed the back of Cuphead's neck and put her arm around him "Oh no boys we have been thinking of having our own little adventurers to join us" Moon spoke out with a sexual tone in her voice as Cuphead turned as red as a tomato as he looked down at moon as she smiled up at him.
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Ok so yeah this happened and thats all I am gonna say and yep this is hand drawn and turned digital so thats why it looks like shit hope you enjoy this terrible shipping art!  
Ok hello long time since I have done a journal like this but I have some good and bad news for everyone Yes I am now gonna continue making commissions for free but there will be a new change. I will pre-make some weird next gen ponies to be adopted but they will not be listed under the normal mlp next generation folder they will be listed under a new folder called Adoptables I also will be posting them on groups to expand the number of people who might like to adopt them. I hope all of you have a great day and dont forget you can still comment Submissions and Commissions for me to do for you either write them under this journal or on my deviant art page and adios`.


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Elizabeth Pongratz
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United States
I love drawing and love making my little ponies I was use to be known as happyfacesmilycat but now I am recreating my image enjoy!


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Your welcome also I <3 your eddsworld art alot I miss Edd and the old gang so much and I even was inspired to make a new artwork based off your art so thank you so much! :) :) 
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Thank you very much! I'm very happy to know someone was inspired by my work!
You're always welcome, dear :D
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